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Social Media Marketing

Salah satu teknik yang digunakan Wolacom dalam menerapkan marketing online adalah Social Media Marketing. Dengan melihat data pengguna social media yang sangat banyak, membuat metode Social Media Marketing tidak dapat dipandang sebelah mata.

Social Media Marketing dapat diterapkan dalam berbagai lini bisnis (mulai dari bidang perdagangan, industri, hingga jasa) dan tidak sulit untuk dilakukan. Salah satu contoh Social Media Marketing yang dilakukan penyedia jasa pembuatan website Surabaya ini dengan mengadakan jasa pemasangan berbagai iklan social media, seperti Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, dan Twitter Ads.

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Social Media Marketing

Kembangkan bisnis Anda bersama Wolacom melalui media sosial untuk menjangkau banyak calon customer! Wolacom hadir dengan layanan digital marketing lengkap termasuk jasa social media marketing. Tim kami akan membantu meningkatkan traffic kunjungan profil dan menjangkau potensial customer dengan mengoptimalkan berbagai fitur social media baik itu di Facebook, Instagram, maupun platform lainnya.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing ?

Social media has become a pivotal part of people's daily routine. In Indonesia, around 170 million social media users spent an average time of 3 hours and 14 minutes on their favourite social media. A high level of engagement and reach that currently far exceeds other channels. We will closely help you design and maintain the best ways to leverage social media channels and embrace them in your marketing choices. We also believe in a unique approach in social media marketing strategy to each of our clients, Wolacom will attentively listen to your desire and individual result orientation.

Key For Success Social Media Marketing

Unique Content

Consistent Post


Fast Response

Social Media Problems

Managing social media marketing may face various challenges, including defining marketing goals, identifying the right platform, understanding the target audience, declining organing reach and engagement rate, also increasing ad cost

No one answering DM's

Just Post Anything

Can't Design

Can't Sell Anything

No Reach & Exposure

No Optimization

No Time

Lack of man power

Lack of Content Ideas

Can't keep up With daily post

The key elements in our
social media strategy

Research for valid data

Campaign concept and Strategy Development

Targeted Fan Base Building

Conversion Strategy Development

Analytics & Reports

Sosmed Ads


Brand Management

Teams you needs

Content Creator

Graphic Designer


Fast Response Online Admin

Professional Online Marketing (Ads)

At an affordable rate, you can already get the assistance of Wolacom's professional team for your digital marketing solution and bring online revenue for your business.

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